Dr. Gina Jansheski, MD, FAAP

Dr. Gina Jansheski, MD, FAAP

Dr. Gina Jansheski is a board-certified pediatrician with more than two decades of expertise in pediatric medicine who has treated infants and children from diverse backgrounds across different settings.

After completing her Residency training in Pediatrics, she pursued a fellowship specializing in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She handpicked a program that focused on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Genetic Disorders, and Child Abuse to fine-tune her skillset even further.

After specializing in pediatric hospitalist medicine, she became the medical director of her group. She had to provide 24/7 year-round coverage for a bustling pediatric unit and newborn nursery, along with consultations at the emergency department and resident training programs.

Additionally, she spearheaded a procedural sedation service, child abuse review team and pioneered an unprecedented palliative care program in the local area – all while managing the hospice services.

From her experience, Dr. Jansheski has seen first-hand how parents are often overwhelmed by the complexity of their child’s medical issues and want to help but don’t know where to start. This led her to develop a highly personalized approach for each patient and family she works with in order to get results.

In her free time, Dr. Jansheski enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and children, running, playing tennis and biking around town. She also volunteers at local schools teaching health education classes.

She is a board-certified fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as a member of the American College for Lifestyle Medicine and Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Furthermore, she holds active medical licenses in California and Arizona.

Gina’s Education & Training:

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, Arizona
  • Residency in General Pediatrics from the University of Arizona Pediatric Residency Program, Tucson, Arizona
  • Fellowship in Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado