Best Baby Swing For Colic In 2023 [Latest Reviews]

Last Updated on July 21, 2023

Colic is an extremely disheartening condition for parents to experience, as it can cause their baby a lot of distress. The good news is that there are several ways to help soothe and calm a colicky baby, including using an infant swing.

A baby swing mimics the rocking motion they experienced while inside the womb, helping them feel comfortable and secure.

However, not every baby swing is suitable for a colicky baby. With the right swing, it can help alleviate some of the symptoms your little one may be experiencing.

In this guide, we’ll go over how baby swings can help a colicky baby, what to look for in a good infant swing, the best swings available on the market, especially for colic, and more. So, let’s get started!

Best baby swing for colic

Top 5 Best baby swings for colic baby

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How Can Baby Swings Help A Colicky Baby?

Baby swings can effectively calm a distressed baby down by providing soothing motions similar to those the child feels in its mother’s womb. This gentle rocking motion helps relax babies and provides relief from gastrointestinal issues like gas and reflux that may be associated with colic.

Additionally, many modern-day baby swings come with various motions, speeds, and settings to help soothe babies in a wide range of ways. They may even feature sounds like heartbeat pulses that help recreate the womb’s environment and make your baby feel secure and comfortable.

What the Professionals Say

Childcare experts agree that when used correctly, infant swings can help reduce the stress and discomfort a colicky baby feels, allowing them to relax and sleep better. However, it’s important to remember that swings shouldn’t be used as a permanent replacement for parents’ care or affection.

“The swing can be used to help soothe a fussy baby, but the use should be limited to a few minutes at a time,” says Dr. Rebekah Diamond, a pediatric hospitalist and assistant professor of pediatrics at Columbia University. “The swing should not replace the important physical contact and emotional connection parents provide.”

“The front-to-back swinging motions help reduce the acid reflux and gas pains associated with colic”, she added.

Dr. Rebekah also advised using the most reclined position and low speeds for newborns as they are more prone to getting over-stimulated from intense movements.

What To Look For In A Baby Swing For Colic?

What To Look For In A Baby Swing For Colic?

When it comes to buying the best baby swing for colic, there are several factors you should take into consideration. These are the following:


Experts say that vibrations help reduce the symptoms of colic in your baby. Look for a swing that comes with a vibration setting and adjustable speed for the best effect.

Recline/Seat Position

Infant swings come in various reclining positions, from almost flat to semi-upright. However, it’s best to opt for more reclined styles with high backs, head support, and extra padding for newborns, as they’re more prone to getting overstimulated.

On the other hand, the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies sleep in the most reclined position to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Music & Sounds

Most baby swings come with some form of music and sound to help soothe the baby’s senses. While some offer only natural sounds like rain or white noise, others come with melodies and lullabies. Some even include classical/jazz music, ocean waves, and other calming tunes.

Safety Features

When buying a baby swing for colic, ensure it has the necessary safety features, like a 5-point harness to keep your little one securely in place. Also, check that the seat is comfortable and supportive, with plenty of padding for extra comfort.


Most baby swings come with forward and backward swinging motions, but some models may also offer side-to-side or circular movements. Choose a swing with multiple motions and speeds so you can adjust it according to your baby.

Power Source

You may also want to consider the type of power source for your baby swing. Some models run on batteries, while others come with an AC adapter. The latter is a more reliable option as it doesn’t depend on battery life but can be annoying if you need to move the swing around frequently.


Finally, look at the price of the baby swing. Baby swings can range from around $50 to a few hundred dollars, depending on features, brand, and quality.

Ultimately, the best baby swing for colic is one that fits your needs and budget. Be sure to read the reviews and real user feedback below before making your purchase.

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How we picked and tested?

When picking the best baby swings for colic, we took into account several factors like safety features, quality of construction, motion types and speeds, power source, and price. We also checked real user customer reviews to better understand how these swings worked in practice.

Once we had narrowed down our selection to the top contenders, we tested each of the models both in our lab and with real babies to evaluate their effectiveness. We also looked closely at the features that made certain swings better for colic symptoms than others.

Finally, after careful consideration and testing, we have chosen our top picks for the best baby swings for colic based on the quality of construction, effectiveness in reducing colic symptoms, and overall value for money.

What are the best swings for colic baby?

Now that you know what to look for when buying a baby swing for colic, here are our top picks.

1. 4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing

Most premium swing for colic baby

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When looking for a swing for colic babies, the 4moms MamaRoo Swing is as good as it gets. With five parent-inspired motions, five speeds, and four built-in sounds, it offers plenty of options for soothing the baby’s needs.

Using the exclusive Find Your Roo feature on the 4moms app makes finding the right motion and speed combination a breeze.

Plus, the Bluetooth functionality allows you to stream your favorite music right to your baby’s ears. And if that wasn’t enough, this swing also has smart home integration, so you can control it with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Other noteworthy features include a convertible harness from 5-point to 3-point, adjustable recline, and a toy mobile with interactive, reversible toy balls that include a rattle, mirror and crinkle ball.

For colic babies needing the perfect swing to make them feel secure and soothed, the 4moms MamaRoo Swing is an excellent choice. It has all the features needed to provide your baby with the perfect environment.

User’s Feedback:

1. “My grandson was only 3 months old when I got the 4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing for him. Every time I put him in it, he falls asleep right away! If I had known how great it would be, I would have bought it sooner. The only downside is that the mobile doesn’t turn on its own, so I decided to attach a light-up toy for him to look at. All in all, it’s perfect for any colic babies who need a secure and soothing environment.”

2. “I purchased the 4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing for my 2 month old niece while caring for her and it has been a lifesaver. The swing helps to soothe and rock her to sleep, reducing irritability before nap time. It’s also incredibly easy to remove the baby from the 5 point harness, even with my arthritic hands. This swing has allowed me to complete tasks or even just have a little me time, which I never had when raising my 30+ children! It’s truly been a blessing.

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2. Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing

Award-winning swing for colic babies

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Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing is another top-quality swing for colicky babies. Its soothing motion will rock and comfort your baby while playing their favorite songs.

The swing is lightweight and portable, so you can quickly break it down for easy storage or transport when needed.

It has five levels of a range of motion that mimic the natural side-to-side sway—the same kind a parent offers with their hands—to give babies extra comfort and relaxation.

The Munchkin Baby Swing is a winner of the Best of Baby Awards from The Bump for 2021, which recognizes top products and services in baby care. It also has a touchscreen display that’s intuitive and easy to use.

It comes with two additional features—a remote control with sound, motion and timer settings, plus an AC adapter that powers the swing. So you don’t have to worry about batteries running out in the middle of a nap.

The seat pad and head support are machine washable, reversible for extra convenience, and safe for babies between 5-20 lbs who cannot sit up or climb out of the swing unassisted. It also has a 1 year warranty, so you can always count on Munchkin to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Munchkin’s Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing is a great choice for busy parents who don’t have time to constantly rock their babies. It helps soothe colicky babies while providing comfort, relaxation, and fun with music all at the same time. It’s a smart and easy to use product that busies with many great features.

User’s Feedback

1. “The swing looks great, and my baby loves the natural rocking motion it provides. Unfortunately, the speaker for the white noise and music is of very poor quality and distorts if the volume is set above level 2 – this has been happening since the first time we used it. Nonetheless, it provides comfort and relaxation for colicky babies and some fun with music. It’s easy to use and comes with a remote control that you can use to set sound, motion and timer settings.

2. “Putting together this product was a breeze and it’s of great quality. Using it is just as easy, and both my baby and I love it! What more could I ask for?”

3. Ingenuity 2-in-1 SimpleComfort Compact Baby Swing & Rocker

Best colic baby swing with rocker

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If you want more out of your purchase for your colic baby, this Ingenuity 2-in-1 SimpleComfort would be an ideal one for you. It comes with a removable rocker so that you can use it as a swing and rocker in one.

It also has TrueSpeed technology, which maintains 6 speeds as your baby grows. The seat can rotate 180 degrees with an easy, one-handed swivel and swings in 3 directions for more hands-free moments. The front-to-back motion of this swing will help soothe colic babies.

The motor is WhisperQuiet, so you don’t have to worry about loud noises disturbing your baby’s sleep. The frame folds up easily for portability and storage, making it great for travel or keeping it at the grandparents’ house.

Plus, the machine washable seat pad and headrest make cleaning a breeze. The Ingenuity SimpleComfort 2-in-1 baby swing & rocker is suitable for babies up to 20 lbs or from 0-9 months.

Overall, this swing is the perfect companion for your colic baby, making those moments more hands-free and enjoyable.

User’s Feedback

1. “This Ingenuity 2-in-1 SimpleComfort Swing is easy to assemble. It is not a huge swing, so it is great for space saving. It plugs into the wall and has a seat that vibrates as well as tunes and nature sounds. The swing has two motion options and while it isn’t entirely smooth, it clicks slightly and shakes just a tad bit.

The straps on the seat can be a pain to fit around baby but the mobile is set too high for the baby to see and appreciate. The sound effects are also quite muffled, so don’t expect high quality here. However, it should be noted that this swing will not operate longer than an hour before needing to be reset. Nevertheless, who would leave their baby in there for more than an hour anyway?”

2. “We bought this swing for our grandchild and cannot say enough positive things about it. They absolutely love it!”

4. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

Best budget-friendly colic swing

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If you want a swing for your colicky baby that won’t break the bank, the Graco slim spaces would be the perfect one for you. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in any room of the house, and its height-adjustable legs allow you to easily transition from a compact to a full-size swing.

Plus, the convenient carry handle allows easy transport from room to room or even when taking it out of the home.

On top of this, the front-to-back swing motion will help reduce your baby’s colic symptoms, and the adjustable swinging speeds will let you find just the right speed for them.

Finally, this swing is easy to fold away when not in use or when extra space is needed—providing a practical and affordable solution.

Don’t forget this swing is battery operated. You will need four D batteries to really get the most out of it.

Overall, if you are looking for a great budget-friendly colic swing that is also compact and space-saving, then the Graco slim spaces is a great option! With its adjustable legs, easy folding design and adjustable swinging speeds, this compact baby swing will help keep your baby soothed and happy while also helping you save space in your home.

User’s Feedback:

1. “I was in search of a swing that would provide a more traditional front-to-back motion for my colic baby and came across the Graco slim spaces compact baby swing. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try – my baby loves it! It’s reasonably priced compared to other swings on the market, and even better, it’s battery-operated, which makes it ideal for taking on trips or to the park.

The rechargeable batteries I bought last a month before needing to be recharged, so I can easily use them even when away from an electrical outlet. All in all, this swing is great for soothing my baby and fits into any room of the house due to its compact size. Highly recommend!”

2. “This swing is absolutely amazing and definitely worth the cost! Our baby loves it, and it’s similar to the swings we had when our kids were little, but much safer. We now have grandchildren, who don’t enjoy the sideways swings – they love this one instead! It fits into any room of the house due to its compact size and is great for soothing our little one. It’s a must-have!”

5. Ingenuity Boutique Collection Deluxe Portable Baby Swing

Best portable swing for colic baby

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If you’re looking for a portable swing for your colic baby, the Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go is a great option. Firstly, it swings front to back, which is mandatory for colic babies to soothe them.

Secondly, it has five swing speeds and includes 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds with a very quiet motor. So you can choose the perfect setting for your colic baby.

Also, it has Hybridrive technology to help extend the life of batteries and a timer that automatically shuts off after 90 minutes meaning that you don’t need to purchase batteries every couple of days.

The seat pad and headrest are machine-washable, making them easy to keep clean. Plus, there is a removable headrest so your baby can grow with the swing and two plush toys included for their entertainment.

It’s suitable from birth to nine months and can hold up to 20 lbs.

Overall, the Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing is a great option for colic babies as it offers the perfect soothing motion in combination with sound and entertainment, all while being portable enough to move around. So you can ensure your little one gets the best possible comfort regardless of where you are.

User’s Feedback:

1. “Our son suffered from colic for the first four and a half months, causing our family much distress. The Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing provided us with a welcome respite from the crying episodes and we would gladly have paid five times more than what it cost us for such relief. It’s incredibly affordable and definitely worth every penny.”

2. “My little one had no interest in the mama-roo, but she loved to swing from front to back. I absolutely love this swing because it is so portable and can be easily folded away when not in use – a great option for those with limited space!

You can move it all around your house too, plus, you don’t need to worry about power cords as it runs on a battery. Perfect for busy moms who want to get things done around the house! The material is also very soft and gentle, and the vibrating seat is an added bonus. Highly recommended purchase!”

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Why use a baby swing?

A baby swing can help to soothe and calm a crying infant. Swings are designed to simulate the rocking motion of being held, which can comfort babies.

Some swings also have features such as music, vibration, and toys that can further help relax an upset baby. Additionally, swings give parents a few moments of hands-free time, which can be greatly appreciated.

How are swings different from bouncers?

Baby swings are designed to move back and forth in a gentle, swaying motion, while baby bouncers provide stationary seating with a bit of bouncing or rocking when the baby moves.

Swings provide more soothing movement than bouncers due to their larger motors and wider range of motions. Baby bouncers are smaller and easier to move around, making them more convenient for travel, while swings are typically larger and may be too bulky to bring along.

Additionally, many baby swings feature multiple speeds and music or vibration settings that can help soothe a fussy baby.

How long should a baby be in a baby swing?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants should not be in a swing or bouncer for more than 30 minutes at a time, as this can cause them to become overly stimulated.

Additionally, babies should always be supervised while in the swing and their heads should always remain supported.

It is also important to check your baby’s temperature regularly to ensure they are not becoming too hot while in the swing. If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless, it is best to take them out of the swing.

How To Relieve Trapped Wind / Gas?

If your baby is experiencing trapped wind, there are several ways to relieve their discomfort. Gently rubbing their tummy in a clockwise direction can help release trapped gas and change the position of your baby’s body. A warm bath or massage can also be beneficial for relieving trapped wind and calming your baby down. Additionally, keeping your baby upright after feeding and avoiding overfeeding may help to reduce gas build up.

How to relieve baby colic?

Colic is a condition where babies cry excessively due to discomfort in their digestive system. To help soothe your baby’s colic, try rocking them gently in your arms or providing a warm bath. Additionally, probiotics may be beneficial for reducing colic symptoms, as well as using a pacifier or bottle for sucking during periods of discomfort.

The above-discussed baby swings also help in relieving colic. Taking steps to reduce stress in your baby’s environment, such as avoiding loud noises and bright lights, can also help calm them down.

Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a baby swing?

No, it is not recommended that babies sleep in a baby swing, as this could cause them to become overheated or roll over and become injured. Plus, it can also lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is best to place babies in a crib or bassinet for sleeping, as this provides the safest sleep environment.

How to tell if your little one has colic?

It can be difficult to determine if your baby has colic, but certain signs and symptoms may indicate they are suffering from this condition. These include periods of intense and inconsolable crying, arching their back or legs while crying, clenching their fists, facial grimacing and/or a reddened face during periods of distress.

Babies with colic may also have irregular sleep patterns and seem to pass gas more often than normal. If you suspect your baby may have colic, it is important to consult your pediatrician for proper diagnosis and treatment.


Thanks for reading this article on baby swings and colic. Baby swings are a great way to help soothe a fussy baby, as long as they are used in moderation.

Additionally, understanding the signs of colic can help you identify if your little one is suffering from this condition and seek proper medical care. Keeping your baby safe and comfortable is always the top priority, so make sure to follow the guidelines and tips outlined in this article.

Please share this article with others who may benefit from the information. Thank you once again for your time!

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